Neotropical Plant Aglaonema Pictam Tricolor Andaman | 今日のトレンド

Neotropical Plant Aglaonema Pictam Tricolor Andaman

公開日: : 最終更新日:2021/09/03 未分類

The author previously introduced in this blog how to train Aglaonema.

In this article, I would like to introduce Andaman, which I introduced a little about the Pictam species last time.

Actually, I got Andaman at a certain auction.

This is Andaman when it actually arrived at the author’s hand.

Port Blair northern region

According to the seller’s explanation of the auction, “I guarantee that it must have been split from the parent stock collected locally from the northern part of Port Blair.”

If you look at these colors and patterns, you can see that they show the characteristics of Andaman.

When I actually see this camouflage color, I cannot help but be impressed by the beauty of nature.

And here is how the second leaf started to open about 10 days later.

The young leaves already show the unique shades of Andaman.

Now, if you look closely at the first leaf, you can see that the shades of green have become a clearer contrast.

The fact that the leaves opened in about 10 days makes me feel that the growth rate is relatively fast.

The beauty of nature is inherited by young leaves

I never get tired of watching it.

The current growing environment is carefully observed while maintaining a certain degree of humidity in the 90 cm glass aquarium that was used before, and sprayed as appropriate.

In any case, I am thinking of watching the future growth and being careful not to die.

We will continue to make longer-term reports.

Considering Andaman's camouflage color

Considing Andaman’s camouflage.

If you look carefully towards the first leaves, you will notice the presence of subtle camouflage colors.

Now, take a look at the picture below.

I wrote the numbers in the red circles.

1. Dark green, 2. Bright green, 3. Green close to white, 4. Bright whitish color that looks like silver.
At first, I thought there were three colors, dark green, bright green, and whitish, but in reality there were four.

If you don't look carefully, the difference between 4 and 3 is subtle, but they are clearly different colors.

Is this a feature of Andaman?

In fact, this feature also appeared in the new young leaves.
Although it is subtle, its characteristics can be seen in the difference between "a" and "b" in the red circle.

Over time, it will change more clearly, like an old leaf.

Transition to ultra-humid environment.

The third drill is growing.

It's still small, but ...

No doubt the drill is growing.

Introduced a handmade fog generation system.

You can clearly see that the plants have come alive as they become closer to their own environment.

It has become a texture like Andaman.

It’s a wonderful color appearance.

I think this is exactly what you would call Andaman.

The third drill has grown steadily.

After that, it opened safely.

If you look closer, you can see that a fourth small drill has also sprouted.

This new leaf will also show a wonderful camouflage pattern in the near future.

It looks like a youthful and very healthy leaf that makes you feel that kind of feeling.

The fourth piece was growing up without my knowledge.

It’s a youthful and fresh new leaf.
This Andaman is surprisingly fast growing and amazed.

If you look closer, drills are appearing one after another.

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